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3DoF Motion Platform

Professional 3DoF motion platform for flight, marine, space VR systems.
The platform is manufactured according to high quality standards, using industrial-grade components and advanced metal processing technologies and is intended for individual VR systems, public entertainment VR attractions, as well as other VR visualization systems.


  • Pitch +: 35°
  • Pitch -: 25°
  • Roll: 25°
  • Angular speed(average): 15°/s
  • Payload(nominal): 120 kg*
  • Voltage: 220В
  • Power consumption: up to 900 W
  • Floor footprint: 2.5 sq. m
  • Construction weight: 110 kg

*Payload can be increased.

The main advantage of our platform is a wide tilt range (60° in pitch channel, 50° in roll channel) that makes it possible to simulate sustained g-load, for example, in a bend or by turning on the afterburner. Our system allows you to feel it!

Materials and desigh

The product is designed in the style of Techno-Military and has a serious formidable look of a military fighter.

All parts are made of steel and painted by powder coating.

The pilot's seat is made of a single sheet of steel sheathed with pillows made of durable canvas. The seat has the right angle of inclination of the back and an adjustable angle of installation on the platform, and provides a sufficient level of comfort for medium-duration virtual flights.

* The linear dimensions of the seat can be specified by the customer in accordance with individual requirements.

Control System

Digital Combat Simulator - The first game that is fully supported. We plan to expand the list of supported projects. In the near future we will add support for WarThunder, X-Plane, MSFS and other games

DCS features:

  • Automatic platform control: enable, disable, configure;
  • Simulation of linear accelerations;
  • Runway touch and roll simulation;
  • Simulation of shaking and vibration;
  • Effects for landing gear and wing mechanization;

Open communication protocol, allows the customer to develop motion systems for their own VR projects. It is easy to connect the platform to games and other projects that are not supported.

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Consumer version






Price and Options

  • 3DoF Platform;
  • Control System;
Price: by request

  • 3DoF Platform;
  • Control System;
  • Seat with mount frames for Joysticks
  • 4 point seat belts.
Price: by request

* All sets contain the instruction and the necessary tools for assembly. The drive parts and control box are assembled.

What we offer for custom motion systems designers:
  • Custom seat;
  • Mount plates for Joysticks;
  • Platform and metal components.


Q: Can the payload be increased?
Yes, this can be done by installing gearboxes with a higher gear ratio, as a result, the angular velocity of the platform will be reduced. In the order you need to select the payload, this will not increase the cost.
Q: Can I use the platform not only for virtual flights, but also for racing games?
Sure you can. Mobile systems for car simulators are characterized by a lower stroke and a higher reaction rate. To do this, we have the option of reducing the drive travel arm. Higher speed is achieved by installing a gearbox with a lower gear ratio. In the order you need to indicate what type of games will be preferred. You can also use the platform for marine and space simulations.
Q: I want to build my own motion system, is it possible to separately purchase a set of drives and a control system?
You can, you can also purchase a seat, platform and other accessories.
Q: Where is the platform manufactured and assembled?
Elements of the construction are made in the workshops of the Rostov region, Russia. Assembly and testing is performed in Taganrog city, Russia.


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